You should try to understand my practice as a social experiment, with an individual participant or several. In the urban happenings, such as the “Invisible Men” performances, my aim is to focus our attention to the experience between the individual and the collective, and to bring awareness to this paradigm.

This is an exercise on self-awareness. It explores our perceptions of behaviour, belief and the spiritual dimension, as it instigates into our unconscious relationship to rituals.

I make no distinction between the objects and the documentation, and keep the remnants and costumes from the happenings as I believe they retain the energy of the moment. These are later identified and re-worked in the studio, and can take new shape as drawings, textile works, videos, sound pieces, images and sculptures.

My research is based on Foulcauldian ideas of body as subjectivity, the symbiosis between place and belief, and a Jungian approach to religion, the collective unconscious and cultural stigmas. The understanding of the human body as reservoir of emotions, ancestral traumas and archetypes, and how that shapes our bodies and our minds, and thus our experience of life.

Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, 233
4050-324 Porto


Luisa Mota